Playing Tiger Woods is actress Paula Patton's 'dream role'

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If any Hollywood producers are thinking about making a Tiger Woods movie, one actress wants to be at the top of the list.

Paula Patton, who made her big screen debut in “Hitch” and is currently appearing in the movie “Traffik,” told Shadow and Act that her dream role is to play Tiger Woods in a biopic.

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“I don’t see why a woman can’t play a man and I think that he’s an interesting character. Back when he was in his prime, obviously he had his demons. He was a conflicted person. He was great at some things and yet he had these flaws. He must have had to put on quite a facade and was probably hiding a lot of pain. Characters like that are very interesting to play.” 

It’s an unconventional choice to be sure, but you can’t argue with her reasoning. Tiger definitely had demons, and his personal life was incredibly complicated. But even when his business was being splashed across the tabloids, he was steely on the golf course. Figuring out how to play a character like that — especially when it’s a real person — is a unique challenge for actors.

If Tiger Woods ever gets a biopic, actress Paula Patton wants to play him. (Getty)
If Tiger Woods ever gets a biopic, actress Paula Patton wants to play him. (Getty)

If Patton got the role (which doesn’t exist as of yet), she wouldn’t be the first woman to play a man in a movie. Glenn Close did it in “Albert Nobbs.” Cate Blanchette was nominated for an Oscar for playing Bob Dylan in “I’m Not There.” And Hilary Swank won an Oscar for playing a transgender man in “Boys Don’t Cry.”

But it’s never happened with a sports movie before. And it’ll likely be a few years before we even hear rumors of a Tiger Woods biopic. Woods is attempting a comeback on the PGA Tour after years of injury, and if he’s successful, that would be an incredible moment of triumph for him — not to mention a fabulously inspirational scene in his biopic.

So Hollywood, wait to see what happens at the U.S. Open in June and don’t call Paula Patton just yet. Woods still has more chapters to add to his life story.

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