Patrick Mahomes’ physique goes viral again. He joked ‘dad bod’ is key to his success

Fat shaming would seem out of place in the NFL, but Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been hearing about it a lot this year.

NFL fans poked fun at Mahomes’ belly after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game, and he responded to some of that talk of his “dad bod.”

Mahomes’ physique again was a talking point on social media Tuesday when the Chiefs shared a video of his arrival at the team’s practice facility.

Fans of other teams took some shots at Mahomes, the three-time Super Bowl champion. Chiefs fans were having none of it, and it made for some lively interactions on social media.

Here is a tiny snippet of what was being said on X.

A fan responded to the Chiefs’ Instagram video with this comment: “Mahomes needa cut down on the ribs and burgers bro.”

A Chiefs fan fired back: “3 rings, 3 Super Bowl MVPs, 2 MVPS”

Mahomes’ take on ‘Dad Bod’

Mahomes mentioned the “dad bod” last month in a video for Complex Sports. In came when Mahomes responded to what people had said about him on social media.

An X user wrote this about him: “Mahomes is the greatest player we’ve ever seen purely running on Coors Light.”

Mahomes joked that his physique actually helps him on the football field.

“The dad bod is real,” Mahomes said in the video. “It gives me the cushion that I need to take the hits, so as long as I can keep it in the right areas and it’s just in the stomach, I think we’ll be able to make this career last a long time.”