There was a real-life 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' game during Cavs-Hornets

Man, those hippos sure look hungry. (Screencap via NBA)
Man, those hippos sure look hungry. (Screencap via NBA)

Hey, need a break from whatever else is going on in your life and the world for a while? Please enjoy watching human beings dressed up like cartoon hippopotamuses and trying like hell to grab as many balls as they can during a break in the action in the second quarter of Sunday’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets.

Real-life “Hungry Hungry Hippos,” evidently, is what the game’s been missing:

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Hey, Cavs? If you’re taking requests on in-game entertainment based on Milton Bradley products, I’d love to see how you adapt “13 Dead End Drive.” Maybe Moondog plays The Detective? I don’t know. Just think about it and text me, OK?

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