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You shouldn’t be surprised to find out Aaron Boone knows a ton of baseball players from the 1990s. He was one, of course, in the latter part of the decade. His brother Bret debuted as a rookie in 1992. And his dad, Bob Boone, retired in 1990.

So yes, Aaron Boone was a perfect guest for my 25-Year-Old Baseball Cards segment, in which I crack open some wax packs from 1992 with a player or manager and see what kind of stories they have to share. And Boone had plenty.

Aaron Boone has baseball stories for days. (Yahoo Sports)
Aaron Boone has baseball stories for days. (Yahoo Sports)

These days, he’s a baseball analyst for ESPN. You’ve seen him calling games on ESPN or appearing on shows like “Baseball Tonight.” This season, he’ll be back in the booth for “Sunday Night Baseball” too. It’s pretty clear from our chat that he knows the players of today and yesterday equally well.

Not only did he have something to say about almost every player, he could tell you in which stadium a picture was taken. Things got real, though, when he pulled a Barry Bonds card and I tried my best to pry it away from him in a trade. Check out this week’s episode and see if I could do it.

• Clayton Kershaw
Buck Showalter
Frank Thomas
• Alex Rodriguez
• Scott Boras
• Bobby Bonilla
• Joel McHale
• Adam Eaton
• Rajai Davis
• Brad Ziegler and Tyler Clippard
• Ken Kendrick
• Jeff Passan

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