New Title IX suit alleges woman was gang-raped by 'at least' 4 ex-Baylor players

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Baylor is facing another Title IX suit regarding allegations against former members of the school’s football team.

A former Baylor volleyball player alleges she was gang-raped by at least four football players in February 2012 according to KXXV, which obtained a copy of the suit. The woman played volleyball at the school from 2011-13 and the suit accuses Baylor of a campus “completely lacking the basic standards of support for victims as required by state and federal law.”

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The suit also alleges that before the woman arrived on Baylor’s campus, “members of the Baylor football team had already developed a system of hazing their freshman recruits by having them bring or invite freshman females to house parties hosted by members of the football team. At these parties, the girls would be drugged and gang raped, or in the words of the football players, ‘trains’ would be run on the girls.”

The woman said she was sexually assaulted Feb. 11, 2012 after a party at an apartment where Baylor football players lived. She said she had “a few drinks over the course of the night” and at one point became unable to remember parts of the evening and believed she had been drugged.

The suit notes that, “During the party, Plaintiff’s friend saw one football player trying to pull Plaintiff into a bathroom several times. Plaintiff recalls that another Baylor football player kept grabbing at her throughout the night and she repeatedly told him ‘no.’ The day before, Plaintiff had repeatedly declined the football player’s requests to ‘hook up’ with him.”

“At some point after Plaintiff’s friends left the party, Plaintiff remembers one football player picking her up, putting her in his vehicle and taking her somewhere. It was there that at least four Baylor football players brutally gang raped Plaintiff. Plaintiff remembers lying on her back, unable to move and staring at glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling as the football players took turns raping her. Following the gang rape, Plaintiff remembers hearing the players yell ‘Grab her phone! Delete my numbers and texts!'”

Baylor responded Wednesday morning.

A lawsuit filed against the school in January noted the woman filing the suit was “aware of at least 52 acts of rape by not less than 31 different football players” from 2011-14. That suit noted allegations of five gang-rapes by Baylor football players and two were committed by “ten or more” Baylor players.

Baylor regents told the Wall Street Journal in the fall that 17 women had accused 19 football players of sexual or domestic assaults.

The new suit — the seventh Title IX suit filed against the school — also corroborates the January suit’s claim that Baylor would use sex to sell the football program to incoming players and notes the school would look the other way regarding a policy that prohibited women from the Baylor Bruin hosting program from having sexual contact with football players and recruits. It also notes that Baylor football players would have dog fights at parties.

Two former Baylor players are currently imprisoned on rape charges while two other former players are currently facing sexual assault charges from their time at the school. 

Former coach Art Briles was fired in May of 2016 after an independent investigation revealed the depth of Baylor’s mishandling of sexual assault allegations.

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