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Seemingly out of nowhere early Thursday morning, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins lashed out at NBA TV analyst Chris Webber for a series of comments Webber made about Perkins that we apparently missed. Perhaps we should have been paying better attention, because C-Webb (one of the finer televised NBA analysts out there, it should be noted) apparently did take Perkins to task.

First, this is what Kendrick Tweeted in the wee hours:

Shots fired, as Kendrick Perkins bashes Chris Webber on Twitter

Yikes. Playing the "get a ring, and we'll talk" card is always tough, because Perkins was the weak (although integral) link in a Boston starting lineup that won the 2008 title, and Webber was the best player on several championship-level Sacramento Kings teams that fell just short. But it does appear that Perkins has a legitimate gripe. Via NBA Off-Season, take a look of this clip featuring Webber as he discusses Perk's fit in Oklahoma City:

Considering that Perkins, more than anything else in his repertoire, is thought of as a superior post defender? That's a strange, if not inarguable, statement coming from C-Webb. And though we watched NBA TV's postgame show a time and a half as Wednesday night bled into Thursday morning, we missed the part where Outside the NBA's James Herbert apparently caught Webber once again criticizing Perkins' post defense, calling him "overrated."

It seems an odd, forceful bit of analysis from Webber on what is a genuinely well-respected player in Perkins. We always appreciate analysis that goes against the tide, assuming it's not created just for effect, but to these eyes Webber might be a little off, here.

And, to everyone's eyes, it appears as if Perkins is ticked.

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