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Meet Purdue University’s newest intern, Brian Cardinal

We're big fans of NBA free agent and 2011 world champion Brian Cardinal(notes). Not only did Cardinal pull in his first NBA title last season as a member of the Mavericks, but he's handled the "Brian Cardinal is your dad" meme with aplomb, and his Twitter feed has become a must-follow for his wry takes on the NBA lockout proceedings.

Of course, Twitter accounts alone aren't enough to keep a man busy for the duration of the working day, especially if he's locked out by the NBA. So Cardinal has gone back to Purdue, where he went to school, to act as an intern in the athletic department.

From Purdue Sports, via SB K.J. Johnson:

Cardinal's internship will include roles with the John Purdue Club and Purdue's John R. Wooden Leadership Institute, as well as mentoring student-athletes and non-coaching day-to-day activities in various areas around the department. He will also have a hand in coordinating championship events at Purdue, such as the 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball First and Second Rounds and the 2012 Big Ten Wrestling Championships.

When the current NBA labor situation is resolved, Cardinal will have the option to pursue a playing opportunity in the league.

Other NBA players have taken to the internship role with gusto during this lockout, but Cardinal's new role actually seems to have some legs. And those legs have knee pads on them and need to be iced down after every strenuous activity.

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