NBA 2K23 to feature revamped gameplay, customizable dunking

The makers of the popular video game NBA 2K announced a bevy of new features and upgrades to the highly-anticipated NBA 2K23, set to launch in September. Fans will be treated to new, more in-depth ways to customize their avatars, as well as a revamped system for dunking and handling the ball.

Gameplay Director at Visual Concepts Mike Wang explained some of these features in a press release today, stating, “From focusing on how players can attack the basket, to more realistic on-ball defense and a new tiered badge system, all the features we’ve brought to life in the game this year will create a more authentic gameplay experience that is enjoyable for everyone.”

This new list of gameplay options expands on some of the nuggets we learned last month at the official launch of NBA 2K23. Let’s explore some of these features a little further.

Better control

NBA 2K23 (2)

The latest addition of NBA 2K will give users even greater control when shooting, dribbling, and dunking the ball. This allows for more customization and greater variety in gameplay.

Shooting mechanics will be updated by way of five new shot meters, along with an additional 15 that can be unlocked over time. The use of the Gesture Combos and the Pro Stick have also been adapted, granting more control for players as they craft their ideal shooting style.

Dunking the ball will also look pretty different in 2K23. New button combos and stick moves offers even more control over how and when players dunk the ball, and what sort of dunk they land. Users can even decide how long they hang on the rim.

Finishing with a lay-up will look different, too. Size and strength will be better accounted for when completing a lay-up, so players like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo will affect defenders more than slimmer builds. Likewise, lay-up packages have been added for big names like Ja Morant, as well as the game’s own cover athletes like Devin Booker, and Diana Taurasi.

The ability to breakdown defenders and size up an opponent have also been revamped, giving users new ways to score the ball with style. Don’t worry, though defense and adrenaline have also been tweaked to maximize realism and smooth gameplay.

Enhanced capabilities

NBA 2K23 (3)

The makers of NBA 2K23 announced further additions to the next iteration of the game. On top of enhanced moment to moment play, several new features have been amended or added.

The next edition of 2K will see players using Adrenaline Boosts. These will stop players from over-dribbling or trying to over-work opponents in a given possession. Hard crossovers or excess sprinting may cause players to slow down for the rest of a possession. Takeovers and Team Takeovers will still be available for any player really balling out, though.

At the same time, the newest 2K will have a revamped badge system, the feature by which users can customize a player or add to their skillsets. In 2K23 there will be 16 badges per category but with new tiers and rules for leveling up.

Aside from all of the enhanced customization, 2K announced that the Artificial Intelligence engine for non-human players will be noticeably improved. Coaching, defensive scheming, and individual play should all be smarter and more fluid.

Constant improvements

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The latest NBA 2K will be available September 9, but is available for pre-order today. Importantly, the usual system of updates and mid-season improvements will continue to ensure users get the best possible gaming experience.

“This year, on both ends of the court, you’ll see improved gameplay that should translate to more wins, and more seamless actions” The makers of the game said in a press release. “We can’t wait for the community to experience this year’s gameplay, explore the all-new features, and discover a lot of the hidden things we’ve snuck into the game.”

Story originally appeared on Rookie Wire