Longtime Chiefs Cheerleader Savagely Mocks Harrison Butker In Raw, Raw Video

A longtime Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader taunted kicker Harrison Butker this week for his bigoted screed at a graduation ceremony. (Watch the video below.)

On TikTok, Stefanie Hillhouse accused Butker of breaking company policy by airing his views on hot-button topics.

Dripping with sarcasm, Hillhouse noted that they were fellow employees until she recently left the Chiefs after cheering him for six years.

“I would assume we went to the same PR training,” she said, personally addressing the player in her viral video. But whatever was taught “obviously left your fucking brain when you went to go give that speech,” she sniped.

Last weekend, Butker permeated his 20-minute address at Kansas’ Benedictine College with swipes at the LGBTQ+ community, abortion rights and diversity initiatives, while suggesting to women that being a homemaker exceeds career goals.

He attributed societal disorder to “degenerate cultural values” and also called reproductive rights supporter President Joe Biden “delusional” ― which Hillhouse facetiously said the kicker’s organization would forgive.

“A lot of Republicans in Chiefs Kingdom,” she noted.

Hillhouse said Butker used the phrase “stay in your lane” numerous times, and she made it clear that his mouthing-off was out of bounds.

“Bro, take your own advice,” she urged.

“Kick some balls around, stay in your fucking lane,” she said. “See ya later, co-worker!”