Kyrie Irving: 'I take my responsibility for posting' antisemitic film with 'some things that were questionable'

Kyrie Irving talking point 10/31/22
Kyrie Irving talking point 10/31/22

Kyrie Irving said Thursday that he takes "responsibility for posting" a link last week on Twitter to a film with what NBA commissioner Adam Silver described as "deeply offensive antisemitic material."

The documentary had "some things that were questionable," Irving added in his first comments since Wednesday's joint statement with the Nets and Anti-Defamation League.

Following Wednesday's announcement, which included a plan for Irving and the Nets to each donate $500,000 "towards causes and organizations that work to eradicate hate and intolerance in our community," Irving's Thursday meeting with reporters marked his first since this past Saturday's postgame news conference.

First asked if -- with a week of hindsight -- he was "sorry for the hurt his post caused people," Irving answered with the following:

"I take my responsibility for posting that. Some things that were questionable in there, untrue. Like I said in the first time when you guys asked me when I was sitting on that stage, I don't believe everything that everybody posts. It's a documentary. So I take my responsibility."

In a follow-up question that noted how "it seemed like" Silver "wanted to hear the word 'I apologize'" with Thursday's statement and if Irving was apologizing, Irving said he "didn't mean to cause any harm."

"I'm not the one that made the documentary," Irving said.

Irving acknowledged that the documentary had "some points in there that were unfortunate" when pressed on specific points from the film that he does not believe are true.

"I think some of the criticism of the Jewish faith and the community, for sure," Irving said.

Irving added that he was "informed" the ADL "wanted to have a meeting and we handled it."

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt had mentioned in Wednesday's joint statement that the organization would "work with the Nets and Kyrie to open dialogue and increase understanding."

Greenblatt took to Twitter on Thursday and, in a quote-tweet response to one of the video clips from the media availability where Irving was asked if he has any antisemitic beliefs and did not say yes or no, said Irving "did not make good on that promise."

"The answer to the question 'Do you have any antisemitic beliefs' is always 'NO' without equivocation," Greenblatt wrote. "We took @KyrieIrving at his word when he said he took responsibility, but today he did not make good on that promise. Kyrie clearly has a lot of work to do."

Silver said in Thursday's statement that Irving's apology through Wednesday's announcement was not "unqualified" and the NBA commissioner "will be meeting with Kyrie in person in the next week to discuss this situation."

"We are glad @NBA commissioner Adam Silver will meet with Kyrie and demand an unqualified apology," Greenblatt wrote in another tweet. "Silver's statement echoes the very issues we plan to address with Kyrie, but they are even more urgent in light of Kyrie’s statements today."