Kelly Ripa Makes ‘Genius’ Donut Recipe & Son Michael Comes Over for a Taste Test

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We know Kelly Ripa as many things—an actress, talk show host, fashionista, mom. But in her latest Instagram Story, the 51-year-old star demonstrated that she's a talented baker as well.

Ripa turned her Story into a vlog yesterday, when she took her followers through the process of trying to make Jake Cohen's Salt-and-Pepper Sufganiyot. This recipe for filled, Israeli donuts was pulled from Cohen's cookbook, Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch. (And this is certainly not the first of Cohen's recipes that we've had our eyes on).

The Live host started out her videos by saying, “Time to make the donuts,” and she tagged her pal, Cohen.

Ripa then showed each of the steps that were involved in creating her dough. She posted the mixing of the dough and said, “So far so good.” After letting the mixture rise and rolling it out, she showed herself cutting out the circles for the donuts. Over the video, she wrote: “Cutting it......but don't actually know what I'm doing.” She jokingly added, “When in doubt, try to press a hole through the countertop.”

She then called the treats “prenuts” before they were fried, and once they were ready to be covered, she said, “Sugar-salt-pepper! That's the key!”

After she had filled the desserts with jelly, Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, showed up to give them a taste and he happily ate one in front of the camera. “Look who showed up post workout,” Ripa said.

Once the baking was all done, Ripa uploaded a shot of her gorgeous final product.

And it seems Mark Consuelos wasn't the only one who wanted a taste test. The pair's eldest son, Michael, made a surprise visit to try out the donuts. “@michael.consuelos comes for an emergency visit,” Ripa said.

In the video, Michael says he was following along with his mother's Story, and he had messaged her saying he was coming over to try one. “This is intense. This is intensely good,” he says in the clip. “[Jake Cohen] is a genius. He's a genius. This is insane. I've never tasted anything like this.”

At the end he adds, “Holy smokes. You know, I'm not the biggest fan of being recorded eating,” and Ripa captioned it, “@michael.consuelos willing to be recorded eating.”

The full recipe for Jake Cohen’s Salt-and-Pepper Sufganiyot can be found on the Live with Kelly and Ryan website, here.

With approval from this many members of the Consuelos fam, we will definitely be making these donuts.

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