Jackson State mascot gets penalized for running onto field to break up post-TD tussle

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This resulted in a penalty. (via ESPN)
This resulted in a penalty. (via ESPN)

Nothing else in Week 1 of the 2019 college football season will come close to topping the craziness that was Liberty’s Hugh Freeze coaching his team’s game from a hospital bed in the coaches box. But the Jackson State mascot has at least given us a strong contender for the second-most absurd thing of the weekend.

After Jackson State scored a touchdown in the third quarter Sunday against Bethune-Cookman, a tussle ensued for the ball in the end zone. And the person dressed in the JSU mascot costume decided it would be a good idea to run out onto the field to try to break the tussle up.

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Jackson State's mascot should not have done that. (via ESPN)
Jackson State's mascot should not have done that. (via ESPN)

And yes, the flag was for the mascot, who received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for running onto the field.

You have to appreciate the mascot’s energy even if that was an ill-advised decision to head onto the field. We’re guessing there will be a discussion about how that should never happen again.

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