'Can Hearts seal third with another win over Celtic?'

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It seems like Hearts have had the Premiership's lucrative third spot sewn up for some time, but with four games left they still have work to do.

Saturday could be the day it’s finally in the bag, but it will take another stunning win over current champions Celtic to complete the job.

One of the key elements of success this season has been the confidence emanating from the manager Steven Naismith when going into big games.

They have definitely come up short against Rangers but the same thing certainly cannot be said when taking on the other half of the Old Firm.

Since the 4-1 humbling at Tynecastle back in October, Hearts have twice tucked Celtic away, scoring four goals in the process and keeping two clean sheets at the back. Not easy to do against the league's top-scoring team this campaign.

This period between now and the end of the season can at times be looked at by some as a ‘winding down’ stage of the campaign but supporters will have none of that.

And with potential new contracts up for grabs, and places at this summer's Euros to play for, the Hearts players will be kept on their toes; nothing other than 100% will suffice until the final whistle on the final day.

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