Geraldo Rivera condemns the term 'illegal alien' but Hannity isn't buying it

It’s not uncommon for Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino to disagree during their many joint appearances on Hannity, but on Thursday night when Rivera argued against the use of the term “Illegal alien,” he got it from both Bongino and Sean Hannity as the two barely let him finish a sentence. Geraldo believes the term is dehumanizing, but never really got the chance to explain why as he was continually shouted down. However, there was one moment, though brief, in which Rivera was allowed to speak uninterrupted.

“Illegal immigrant presupposes that adjudication has been made. Legal, illegal. You only get to be illegal when an adjudication has been made,” Rivera said. “So when you call someone presumptively illegal, and usually it's coupled with alien, illegal alien, not only do you make the judgment that the person is there illegally, as if you were the judge in an immigration court, but now he's also an alien.”