Free agent Yu Darvish met with the Cubs without an interpreter

Free agent Yu Darvish met with the Cubs on Monday, and he left his interpreter at home. (AP Photo)
Free agent Yu Darvish met with the Cubs on Monday, and he left his interpreter at home. (AP Photo)

Former Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish is still in the process of looking for a new home. While there are a number of suitors, the Chicago Cubs are who everyone is talking about.

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer and president of baseball operations Theo Epstein were indeed on their way to meet with Darvish in Dallas. And we know for sure because Darvish himself tweeted about it on Monday night.

His tweets are in Japanese, but using the magic of Google Translate, here’s a rough translation of what Darvish tweeted.

1. I have had meetings with the cubs today as it was also reported. It was a very nice meeting.
I wanted to take English to my next step and took a three and a half hour meeting without an interpreter ^ _ ^ At first I started talking to someone I was not accustomed + I got caught up in words from tension but I was fine from the middle did.

2. There were many opportunities to speak as much as there were many questions, and I used to use the brain pretty much, so I was tired as if I was the most tired in the past ten years. . I will try on my English tomorrow again (^ ^) After all it is faster to retreat than to retreat than to retreat. I went to the Dodgers and noticed (^ ^)

It’s slightly garbled, but the meaning is there. Darvish had a great meeting with the Cubs, and because he wanted to take his English speaking to the next level, he took the meeting without an interpreter. Now that’s impressive. This is already an important meeting, but just like with his pitching, Darvish is determined to improve. It’s a brave thing to do.

Darvish talked more about the meeting in his tweets, but didn’t focus on the content. Instead, he continued to discuss how he felt as a non-native English speaker who is trying to become more proficient with the language. At first he felt overwhelmed because he didn’t know Hoyer and Epstein, but relaxed as the meeting went on. But relaxing didn’t mean he wasn’t working hard. He listened and asked a lot of questions, and at the end of the day, he said his brain was more tired than it’s been in the past decade. He also made sure to say that he’s going to work on his English again tomorrow.

Yu Darvish wants to find the right fit for himself, and he’s doing it the only way he knows how: the Darvish way. And whether he ends up with the Cubs or with another team, we know this: Darvish isn’t content unless he’s challenging himself.

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