Fred Warner: Our focus for the season needs to be on finishing

There's a long way to go until the end of the 2024 season, but 49ers linebacker Fred Warner wants the team to have its eye on the finish line.

The 49ers have gone to the NFC Championship Game in four of the last five seasons, but they have wound up losing their final game of the year all four times. Two of those losses came in Super Bowls against the Chiefs that the 49ers led in the fourth quarter, so Warner wants the team to make their closing argument a priority as they prepare for the 2024 campaign.

"I feel like I'm as rejuvenated and excited about this year as I've ever been," Warner said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "And I think the goal going into this year is obviously to focus on finishing. I think that's as point blank as it needs to be. We had opportunities in both Super Bowls that I've been in to finish, and we just didn't get the job done."

The 49ers have shown the ability to bounce back from painful endings the last few years, but they haven't quite made it to their ultimate goal. They'll need to do a lot of work to position themselves for another bite at the apple and Warner wants them fully prepared if they get it.