Former Jaguar blasts previous coaching staff’s ‘speeches’

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Seeing as Jacksonville finished the 2020 season with a 1-15 record, it wouldn’t be surprising if the previous coaching staff lost the locker room at times. And according to comments made by linebacker Cassius Marsh, who spent the first four games of the season with the Jaguars, that’s exactly what happened.

The current Pittsburgh Steeler told comedian Tom Segura on the “2 Bears, 1 Cave” podcast that an “unnamed coach” failed to give motivating speeches. Based on his comments, it’s fairly clear that he’s referring to former head coach Doug Marrone.

“You know what is really bad, though? When you have a head coach that is just awful at speeches. It is — oh it is tough. It’s tough,” Marsh said, according to quotes transcribed by John Shipley of Jaguar Report. “I’ll just say, you know, I spent a little time with the Jaguars this last season. And I won’t say what position this coach held, but it was a pretty high level, you know what I mean? … And he was god awful.

“It was just a lot of cussing. It was a lot of cussing and it was like the most plain, like just no, there is no depth behind. There is no like — you know what though? This particular coach, and mind you, one of the guys, I don’t know, he was an offensive lineman back in the day. So I think that might have something to do with it.”

It seems like Marsh may have accidentally let it slip that he was referring to his former head coach, but it’s fairly obvious that he’s talking about Marrone, a former collegiate and NFL offensive lineman.

Not only were the speeches not motivating, but Marsh even said they could have the opposite effect.

“It just wasn’t good man,” he said. “It just kind of like brought like — If you were hyped up and ready to go, like, he might have brought your level down a little bit.”

Marrone found initial success in Jacksonville, leading the team to its first AFC South title and a conference championship game in 2017, but in the three years since, he compiled just a 12-36 record. Jacksonville will hope for more success from new hire Urban Meyer, who has never coached at the NFL but won three national championships at Florida and Ohio State as a college coach.