'I feel the run of form has just come too late'

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Whisper it quietly, but Burnley have a chance of Premier League survival. It is a small one admittedly, but there is definitely a chance.

Burnley's best form of the season has seen them come within two points of safety for the first time since 2 December, which is a fantastic turnaround to say they were 11 points adrift at one stage.

The Clarets have only lost one of their past eight games and finally look like a Premier League team.

Let's not beat around the bush though - the form and many of the performances earlier in the season were abysmal and it is a sign of how bad the teams are down at the bottom that we are even in with a chance.

But now we have that chance, we have to do everything we can to get over the line.

We are the team down at the bottom in the best form going into these final three games, but we are also the team down at the bottom with the hardest fixtures. At the very minimum, we need to win two out of the last three.

The majority of you reading this will be Burnley fans so I will not bore you with all the permutations as you would have worked them out yourself, but the basics of it is we need to be within two points of Nottingham Forest, and above Luton, on the final day.

If we are in this position on the final day, then I genuinely think we will do it. I just personally feel like the run of form has come too late and we may just fall short.

I hope I am wrong. Let's beat Newcastle and see if anyone does us a favour first.

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