Fans go wild over Jalen Milroe’s impressive first-half against Kentucky

Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe has steadily improved every week during the 2023 college football season. As the team looks to make a jump in the College Football Playoff ranking, Milroe has stepped up in a big way.

In the first half against Kentucky, Milroe did make one poor decision, which led to an interception, but he has played nearly flawless football, all while being visibly hurt after he took a hard hit to the leg on the first drive of the game.

He’s completed 11 passes on 17 attempts for 185 yards and three touchdowns for an average of 10.9 yards per completion. Milroe also had five carries for 29 yards and a rushing touchdown.

Here’s what fans had to say about his first-half performance.

Gets better every week

Let's get through this season first

This is a crash course

Grab your popcorn!

A photo from the future?


Pulling up your own receipts to apologize. Respect.

That's QB1

From one Heisman winner to another?

Gotta get to ATL first... but it looks good.

He can't be stopped

Is this true? (Asking for a friend)

Translation: He's on fire

They are some of the best in the nation

Story originally appeared on Roll Tide Wire