Eli Manning says daughter ‘learned some new things’ during Philly trip

After spending the entirety of his 16-year career with the New York Giants, two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning knows all about the behavior of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base.

After the Giants won their first playoff game in over a decade, Manning broke his promise and decided to return to Philadelphia to watch his former team in the divisional round.

Philadelphia got word of Manning’s return and funded a billboard to embrace the return of their long-time rival.

Manning headed down to enemy territory with his daughter for the divisional round.

Manning sat down with Giants Wire this week and talked about his return to Philly and his continued partnership with Quaker Oats.

“Well, they welcomed me how they always welcome me. It’s a hand gesture and they were saying they were kind of No. 1, twice, on both hands with a different finger maybe but it was all in good fun,” Manning said. “I enjoyed the experience going down there until the game started. It didn’t go quite as well or how I’d hoped it would.

“I brought my 11-year-old daughter with me and she definitely learned some new vocabulary and new words and saw some things she had questions about. We talked about whatever you hear and see in Philadelphia, stays in Philadelphia. You can’t bring that back to school; we don’t need you getting expelled anytime soon. But it was fun just to be there and root for the team because they had such a great season and I got to go to most of the home games and went to London to see them play, so it was great to see them in a playoff game.”

Clearly, not much has changed since Manning’s days on the playing field with the Giants. Eagles fans will always live up to their reputation.


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Story originally appeared on Giants Wire