Edina sophomore two-sport standout on recruiting: ‘Gotten a little busy’

Too much time remains in Mason West's high school athletics career for the Edina sophomore to be zeroed in on the next step.

West was never an unknown before quarterbacking the Hornets' surprising run to the Prep Bowl last November, when Edina fell just short of completing a stirring comeback, falling 28-27 to Centennial in the Class 6A championship game, and anchoring the first line on Edina's Class 2A champion hockey team in March. It's difficult to remain obscure when you're 6 feet 6 and weigh 200 pounds. And West has been a standout athlete in Edina since he threw his first spiral with a toy Pittsburgh Steelers football in elementary school.

But it's safe to say West strode into the broader sporting public's consciousness this school year as a standout on two high-profile athletic fronts. Few players command greater visibility than the quarterback on a successful football team. And it's unlikely a first-line winger on the state's most storied high school hockey program will skate under the radar in a championship season.

West readily admits his profile has grown in recent months, with fans and recruiters.

"It's gotten a little busy. I'm hearing from a lot [of recruiters]," he said. "It's really different between football and hockey. Football, they all want film. Hockey, it's more in person."

West has already received a pair of college football offers, from Kent State and Marshall, but has no intention of defining a potential list of favorites yet. He's still having too much fun playing both football and hockey. The only hint West is willing to make regarding his future is that he's hoping he won't have to put one sport on hold.

"I'd like to play both football and hockey, if that's possible," he said. "I want to play both as long as I can."

West feels one complements the other and that he wouldn't be the player he is without both.

"Football, and taking the hits, makes me stronger and tougher. I can take more," West said. "All the skating in hockey makes me faster and helps me be a smoother athlete," West said.

If Edinans see West as the latest in a long line of talented and in-demand local athletes, he'd like for them to see more.

"I like to think I'm a nice guy," West says. "That is important to me. I don't think people know I'm a nice guy, but it's important to treat people nicely."

West showed the strength of his character a few weeks ago, when he and some friends — some athletes, some not — visited a classmate they've known since elementary school. John is the same age as West and is an Edina superfan, a regular at Hornets games. He has special needs. "We all love him and always bring him into the locker room with us," West said.

West and friends surprised John by showing up for his birthday get-together bearing gifts — and friendship.

"He was pretty happy. He was smiling really big the whole time," West said. "There might even have been some tears after we left."

When he's not in school, West practices football and hockey every day. He skates at noon, throws the football at 4 p.m. It's not about setting up his future. It's just what he's always done and loves to do.

"I'm not worried about that right now," he said. "Whatever happens, happens."