Dennis Allen says he expects to return as Saints head coach in 2024

This isn’t very surprising, but here’s confirmation from Dennis Allen that he expects to return as head coach in 2024. He told reporters Monday that he hadn’t discussed the matter with New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis, yet it’s hard to believe that Loomis and other members of the team leadership group — like owner Gayle Benson and president Dennis Lauscha — would trot him out for an end-of-year press conference before choosing to fire him.

So all of the reporting in previous weeks saying the Saints were inclined to retain Allen for 2024 appears to be on the money. That’s despite him failing to reach the playoffs in both of his first two years on the job and barely achieving a winning record in his second season in this role. He still has a sub-.400 record as a head coach in his career.

Despite having a host of factors in his favor, Allen has underachieved. He had the easiest strength of schedule and healthiest roster in the league this year and couldn’t win enough games to secure the worst division in pro football. He hired his own staff last year, clearing out more former Sean Payton assistants, and convinced the front office to invest $150 million in a Pro Bowl quarterback who underperformed for the first three months of the season.

There isn’t a rational decision for the Saints retaining Allen, but Loomis, Lauscha, and Benson don’t appear to be interested in entertaining any rational arguments. He’s who they want leading this team, so that’s who is going to be doing it. All fans can do is watch and support the team as best they can.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire