Dak Prescott confident he'll get new contract: 'I want to be a Cowboy forever'

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Since Russell Wilson signed his massive contract with the Seattle Seahawks back in April, all eyes have been on Dak Prescott. The quarterback has yet to sign a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys, which might be a little concerning for fans who want to see him in a Cowboys uniform for the rest of his career.

Prescott put all those concerns to rest on Wednesday in an interview published on the Cowboys’ official website. He’s not concerned about rushing a new contract, because he doesn’t want to play for any other team, ever.

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“I want to be a Cowboy forever,” Prescott told Cowboys staff writer Nick Eatman. “I think the people that are doing the deal feel the same way so to me it’s no rush. I know it will get done.”

Right now Prescott is focused on the locker room, telling Eatman that he’s concentrating on “getting better as quarterback, getting better as a leader and just making sure our team is getting better.” He said he trusts his team of agents to do their job and make the deal so he can keep his mind on football.

Quarterback Dak Prescott wants to play for the Cowboys for his entire career. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)
Quarterback Dak Prescott wants to play for the Cowboys for his entire career. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

Prescott’s chill attitude toward a possible contract even extends to the money itself. He’s not concerned with beating Russell Wilson’s $140 million contract, because he knows whatever he gets will change his life forever.

“It’s all generational money and life-changing money. It’s a blessing just to be in this position. But as far as the numbers are concerned, my focus is within the locker room. I know it’ll get taken care of so it is what it is.”

In case you weren’t convinced that Prescott isn’t worried at all about his contract or his future with the Cowboys, he added this to drive all those points home.

“I want to be a Cowboy, I’m sure pretty sure I’ll be a Cowboy for a long time. ... I don’t have any worry or anxiety of it not happening or trying to get it done sooner than later. No worries. It’ll get done.”

That’s one less thing for Cowboys fans to worry about.

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