Could Chelsea match be 'more chaotic' than last time?

Expert view graphic Tottenham

It is a rare and perhaps rather unfortunate turn of events that Tottenham must face their two most dreaded opponents in the space of a few days.

Sunday's derby with Arsenal was as usual; compelling, startling and mystifying. Only Spurs could play quite well in the first half, to then find themselves 3-0 down but not quite hit those heights again after the break and nearly scramble a draw.

There is every reason to think Thursday's game with Chelsea could be equally difficult to predict.

The mind-boggling 4-1 defeat by the Blues in the autumn summed up Spurs' new approach to these sorts of games, whether you like it or not. Six months have passed since that match and, while it might be reasonable to expect that both teams will have refined their approach in that period, recent events suggest that is not the case.

Spurs remain vulnerable defensively but still want to press forward at every opportunity, usually with defender Cristian Romero leading the charge. Chelsea remain a loose collection of individuals with no shortage of talent but very little collective spirit and with Mauricio Pochettino straining to impose the sort of order he managed at Tottenham.

It could not be more chaotic than last time, surely? I would keep an open mind if I were you.