Column: The transfer portal is a game changer

May 1—The door closed on the college football transfer portal on Tuesday, with boatloads of players dashing for the exit from their current school in hopes of landing in a better location.

Great players are leaving good schools for super powers in hopes of improving their NFL Draft status, picking up a large check for Name Image and Likeness, or perhaps, as archaic as it may seem, winning a championship.

Backup players, who offered depth for schools like Texas or Georgia, are moving on to places where they might find more playing time.

And many, in something like a Rod Serling episode, just disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. Hundreds fall into that category.

Exes and fans who bleed Orange, Red or Maroon, will have to get used to the fact that their Saturday heroes might not be as committed to their favorite schools as they are.

Coaches have to keep their heads on a swivel, because now they have to not only be looking outside for talent, but keep their eyes open for poachers who might slip in and take their existing talent.

We're still learning what the ultimate effect the portal will have on the game might be. It might even have an effect on sports movies we see in the future.


Rudy: "I'm tired of riding the bench here at Notre Dame. It was my dream to be here, but now I've got a tempting offer from the University of Southern North Dakota to play defense there. They offered me a scholarship and the use of a used Ford F-150."

Coach Ara Parsegian: What a coincidence. We need a spot for a kid whose been a backup at the University of Southern North Dakota. He'd always dreamed of playing at USND, but I think can be persuaded to play for the Irish. Maybe we could get him in one of those Irish Spring soap commercials."

The Knute Rockne Story

Notre Dame Knute Rockne: "Men, I'm going to tell you what the Gipper said the last time I saw him. He said, "I'd like to get back on the field, but I've got a better offer from that portal in the sky."

The Waterboy

Bobby Boucher Jr. (Adam Sandler) "I've been a good water boy, but there's more NIL money for me if I play linebacker."

Coach (Henry Winkler) "That's OK. I think there's an Ohio State water boy in the transfer portal."