Colts aren’t projected to receive any 2025 compensatory NFL draft picks

The deadline for unrestricted free agent additions to count towards the compensatory pick formula has passed, so Nick Korte of Over the Cap has projected which teams will receive compensatory draft picks in 2025.

In short, if a team loses more compensatory free agents than they sign, they will get a draft pick in return for the difference.

Not every free agent is a compensatory free agent; there is a formula that takes into account the playing time of that free agent, their salary, and any postseason honors they received. Essentially, the better the player, the better the draft pick that the team receives for losing them.

The draft picks a team can gain through the compensatory system are in addition to the selections that a team already has.

For the Colts, Korte’s projections don’t have them gaining any compensatory picks for the 2025 NFL Draft. Korte notes that they could have received a fifth-rounder for Gardner Minshew leaving, but that was canceled out by signing Joe Flacco.

Continuity was the theme of the free agency period for the Indianapolis Colts, as they prioritized re-signing or extending their own. The only outside additions they made were by bringing in Flacco and Raekwon Davis.

In addition to Minshew, the only players the Colts lost to free agency were Zack Moss, Isaiah McKenzie, and Jacob Martin. In fact, the Colts are among the teams with the least amount of roster turnover from 2023 to 2024.

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As of now, the Colts will have seven picks in the 2025 NFL draft, one in each round. The Colts entered the 2024 draft with seven selections as well but ended up making nine after trading back twice.

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire