Clark Hunt says he never promised Chiefs players a new locker room

The Chiefs have won consecutive Super Bowls and three since Patrick Mahomes arrived. Yet, their facility is among the worst in the NFL.

The NFLPA recently released its second annual team report card, and the Chiefs ranked 31st, ahead of only the Commanders. Clark Hunt was voted the worst owner in the league, with the survey citing the team's out-of-date facilities and quality of care.

The 47 Chiefs players who took part in the survey indicted a belief the team would renovate the locker room after the 2022 season, and they felt duped when it didn't happen.

Hunt said that promise was never made.

“I have spoken to some of our veteran players about that, and they’ve confirmed to me that it was miscommunication,” Hunt told “Certainly, I personally never said anything to them about a renovation of the locker room. It was a misunderstanding.”

In other words, the Chiefs never had any intention of renovating the locker room.

Players will have a new cafeteria, and Hunt said he expects other major changes to the facility but declined to share details to The Athletic. Upgrades are expected to be completed by early September.

They have replaced the stools in the locker room with chairs, and they recently added air conditioning to the indoor practice facility.

“We are making some pretty significant investments in the training facility this year, and we’ll continue to do that,” Hunt told “We’ve outgrown that building in a number of ways.”

Hunt vowed to do better by the players, promising to "include the players in our thinking on the future of the training facility."