Chiefs have the NFL's most impressive streak ... and it involves the coin toss

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ dominance each game this season starts before the ball is even kicked off.

One of the craziest streaks in the NFL has played out before the telecasts even start. The Chiefs have played nine games this season. They have won the coin toss all nine times. NFL Network’s James Palmer pointed out that the streak actually is 12 coin toss wins in a row, going back to the preseason.

The Chiefs have won every coin toss this season. (AP)
The Chiefs have won every coin toss this season. (AP)

If there’s anything that proves fortune is smiling on the 8-1 Chiefs this season, it might be their astonishing streak in the 50-50 coin toss to start the game. And the players have noticed.

“It’s one of the most nervous points of the whole game for me right now,” Patrick Mahomes said, according to the Kansas City Star.

Mahomes said he was joking, but Kansas City obviously is enjoying this odd turn of events.

Chiefs’ streak is beating long odds

The streak’s odds are pretty shocking. University of Missouri statistics professor Phil Deming told the Star the odds of winning 12 coin flips in a row is 0.0244 percent. Arrowhead Pride framed it as 512-to-1 to win every coin toss so far this season.

“It’s ridiculous there, on how many of those,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, via Dani Welniak of KCTV.

The wins have come in all ways. Sometimes the Chiefs have called it and won, other times the opponent has called it and lost. Sometimes that week’s captain in charge of calling it has called heads, other times it has been tails. No matter the variables, to this point in the season, it has always won for Kansas City.

“If one goes the other way, then you’ve got to be ready to go. Can’t have like a letdown or something,” Reid said with a laugh.

Chiefs still not close to unofficial record

The 2004-05 Lions won 14 coin tosses in a row according to Welniak, and she said that’s the record. The Star noted the 2016-17 Chicago Bears won 14 coin flips in a row counting an overtime game.

So the Chiefs have a ways to go for that unofficial record nobody tracks too closely. It’s a fun quirk. Just before the Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals kick off at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, there might be a little more attention than usual from the Chiefs’ sideline over what happens on the coin toss.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Mahomes said, according to the Star. “At the same time, everybody knows the coin toss thing is going.”

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