Buy a shirt from Patty Mills, help aid in Australian flooding relief

As Eric Freeman explained last week

, there are legitimate reasons why Portland Trail Blazers guard Patty Mills(notes) could be resentful toward the government in his native Australia. But December's devastating floods and February's Queensland cyclone are negatively affecting all manner of Australian cultures, to say the very least, and Mills is stepping in to help.

Partnering up with UNDRCRWN and Wears My Shirt, Mills is offering a snappy-looking Blazers-red (as pictured in this post), St. Mary's-red, or Australia-green T-shirt for sale at this link, with the proceeds going to help efforts in Australia.

I'll let Patty explain his intentions from here:

"The recent disasters that took place down in my homeland have weighed heavy on my heart and I want to do all I can to help. My goal is to raise at least $50,000 for relief efforts and I need your help. Thanks to my boys at Wears My Shirt and Undrcrwn for their support on this project."

Mills has been a breath of fresh air in his first fully healthy season as a pro. On a Blazers team that could be long on doom and gloom thanks to its myriad injuries and trade rumors, Mills' energetic presence both on and off court have gone a long way toward keeping the Blazers a fun watch, and a competitive team out West.

And this gesture speaks volumes. Click on over to Wears My Shirt for more details on how to help.