Bucs coaches hit the field for Phase 2 of the offseason

TAMPA, Fla. - The Bucs offseason work has moved into Phase 2. Liam Coen has been waiting three months for the chance to install his new offensive system since he was hired to replace Dave Canales.

"All the message has been is just, 'How do we get better? How do we take the next step from good to great?'" Coen said. "And obviously, first and foremost, [it's] fixing and getting better in the run game. These guys have been fully bought-in. They've been great energy, really communicative out on the field, really engaged. It's been an absolute pleasure working with these guys so far."

Coen is reunited with Baker Mayfield for a second time and he has seen a different Mayfield. A leading quarterback that looks settled after bouncing around with four teams in the span of less than a year.

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"There’s not many days, I don’t think, Baker wakes up and he doesn’t have a chip on his left shoulder," Coen said. "But there is definitely a feeling that this is his team and it’s OK to fail. It’s OK. Go out there and let it rip and be yourself every single day no matter what because you’re going to be the guy and we believe in you. And I think that’s something that, ultimately, he just hasn’t really had the opportunity to have all that often in his career."

The top priority for Liam Coen is to get the Bucs ground game going. The Bucs finished last in rushing yards the last two seasons in the NFL. So what's the plan to get the Bucs running and successfully?

"So [sometimes] it's, you've got run the run with an alert to the pass," said Coen. "Okay, we want to run to the right…well, they've got a lot of guys over there, let's run over here. Okay, they play man coverage, let's try to beat them, and some of those types of things. Give the guys the flexibility and ability to be able to adjust out on the grass, because at the end of the day, I'm not the one playing."

Cohen is looking to bring balance to an offense that has been relying on and living on the pass.

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