Bryce Harper appears to be rocking cornrows now for some reason

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Bryce Harper haters have something to celebrate today. Most have been in hiding since the Washington Nationals outfielder has rebounded to MVP form this season. But after Harper’s latest Instagram post Tuesday, we have a feeling the detractors will be out in full force.

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And, for once, they may even have a good reason for their shouting. If we are to believe his post, Bryce Harper has cornrows now.

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We have a number of questions, but we’ll cut to the most important one first: Is that really Bryce Harper?

A fair amount of evidence points to yes. The post is from Harper’s verified Instagram account. While you can’t see his face, the person in the picture has the same beard as Harper. Also, you have the Nationals cap in the background as another hint.

Why the heck would he do this? Well, Harper has a history of interesting hair choices. Remember that one time he went silver? And then, you know, his usual hair is pretty interesting.

Bryce Harper decided to change things up with his hairdo. (AP Photo)
Bryce Harper decided to change things up with his hairdo. (AP Photo)

Harper is on the disabled list now with a knee injury, so he does have plenty of free time on his hands. You could also see how maybe he got bored and decided to spice things up.

Add that together, and we’re giving this a 98 percent chance of actually being Harper. We would love another picture to be 100 percent sure, but all signs point to this being him.

If it’s an elaborate ruse, then we’ll give Harper props for making every baseball site on the Internet freak out.

If it’s not an elaborate ruse, then we have to ask … who wore it best? Our own Mike Oz submitted a nice comparison on Twitter:

And, of course, we can’t rule out Kenny Powers:

When Jayson Werth signed with the Nationals, we never envisioned anyone would have a better — or more outrageous — hair and beard combo. My goodness, we were so wrong.

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