Bruce Allen insistent Trent Williams will suit up for Redskins: 'Trent's gonna play football'

While the negotiation noise surrounding Dallas Cowboys camp is deafening, their NFC East rival Washington Redskins remain without arguably their best player.

Left tackle Trent Williams remains entrenched in a holdout that doesn’t appear to have a clear-cut resolution. Redskins president Bruce Allen insisted on Wednesday that he anticipates one.

Negotiations at an impasse

Williams, reportedly miffed with the team’s medical staff over how it handled a growth on his head, reportedly declared he’ll never play for the Redskins again.

The Redskins, meanwhile, have reportedly refused to field offers for the seven-time Pro Bowler.

But with Williams holding obvious trade value for a contender looking to upgrade its offensive line, logic dictates that the right offer would get a deal done in Washington. Getting something for a player who refuses to wear your uniform is better than getting nothing.

Allen insistent Williams will only play in Washington

Allen took the time Wednesday to sit down with NBC 4 in Washington. He maintained that the team is not engaging in trade talks for Williams while predicting that Williams will play.

“I think Trent’s gonna play football, yes,” Allen said. “We had a surprising retirement this week in the NFL. I don’t see Trent retiring.”

Asked whether the team has engaged in trade talks over Williams, Allen delivered a curt response.

“No, it will be with us,” Allen said of where he expects Williams to play.

Either Allen knows something we don't about Williams' leanings or he's ramping up pressure on potential suitors. (Getty)
Either Allen knows something we don't about Williams' leanings or he's ramping up pressure on potential suitors. (Getty)

There were conflicting reports last week that the Redskins turned down an offer of a first-round pick from the New England Patriots for Williams.

The Patriots have since made multiple moves to add depth to their offensive line, but did not add a difference maker like Williams.

What’s the real motive here?

With roster cut-downs and Week 1 approaching, pressure is mounting on Washington to figure this out.

The Redskins have proven themselves more than capable of making major mistakes over the years, but deluding themselves that Williams is going to play for them if he’s not seems beyond the pale, even for them.

It’s more likely that either Allen knows something the rest of us don’t regarding Williams’ leanings or he’s ramping up pressure on suitors to make a deal.

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