Breaking down symbols, design of Golden State Valkyries logo

Breaking down symbols, design of Golden State Valkyries logo originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

The sports world has been buzzing since the Tuesday morning name reveal of the latest WNBA franchise, the Golden State Valkyries, particularly about the many symbols embedded in the team’s logo.

The logo is reminiscent of the Golden State Warriors in that it features an image of the Bay Bridge as its centerpiece, but that’s about the only thing the Bay's WNBA and NBA teams have in common.

The Valkyries' emblem is in a V-shape, symbolizing the team’s name, along with victory. The Bay Bridge in the center doubles as a sword, something Valkyries are often depicted with throughout history.

The cables of the bridge fan out to invoke wings, in line with many historical Valkyrie illustrations. The five triangles on each side of the wings represent the five starting players facing each other on each side of the court. There are 13 lines in total, meant to symbolize the franchise being the thirteenth WNBA team.

Finally, the violet color scheme invokes nobility, power, regalness and women’s empowerment, as shades of purple have long been associated with royalty due to the rarity of purple dye in the ancient world.

Players from around the sports world love the new franchise’s logo and team colors, including the presumptive No. 1 overall pick in the 2025 WNBA Draft, Paige Bueckers.

In the ancient Norse religion practiced in Scandinavia, the Valkyries carried the deceased souls of warriors slain in battle to the god Odin’s Hall, Valhalla. The word comes from the old Norse word valkyrja, which is a combination of the words valr (someone slain on the battlefield) and the kjósa (to choose), making the literal translation of the world roughly “chooser of the slain.”

The Valkyries often are depicted as shieldmaidens with angel wings, carrying the fallen heroes to the afterlife. The characters have appeared in countless works of art over the centuries, with the Valkyrie Brünnhilde playing a pivotal role in Richard Wagner’s famous opera Die Walküre.

The sister franchise to the Warriors will also play their games at Chase Center, and owner Joe Lacob has every intention of building the team to be competitive right out of the gate, recently hiring Ohemaa Nyanin as general manager. Nyanin was a key figure in the New York Liberty organization, turning the franchise into a perennial playoff contender.