Do the Boston Celtics have a Jayson Tatum problem?

Do the Boston Celtics have a Jayson Tatum problem? The St. Louis native is by all accounts the best player on his team. But when it comes to crunch time, Tatum seems to think he is Kobe Bryant, hogging the ball and leaning into ill-advised isolation play in the game’s waning seconds.

Those decisions are fine on nights when Boston is shellacking their opponents. But they have often come as the Duke alum has tried to play the hero, instead ending up the heel after not trusting his teammates and blowing close games. Will he ever outgrow such immature and harmful behavior?

To be clear, we aren’t attacking his elite overall game, but this lingering wart could cost the Celtics (and Tatum) a title again, and it has played a part in doing so in the past. The hosts of the “Dan LeBatard” show took a closer look at this situation on a recent episode.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire