This is what happens when you combine golf and football

Dirty Tackle

Putting with the flag still in? Amateurs. (AP Photo)

This week saw the inaugural Golfoot Masters in Lausanne, Switzerland. As you can tell from the catchy portmanteau and the picture above, it's a brand-new amalgamation of golf and football, played on a golf course with holes big enough to accommodate a standard sized soccer ball.

Former international stars  Teddy Sheringham and Christian Karembeu helped launch the new sport, which simultaneously fails to capture the fast pace of football and the tranquility of golf. Where it does succeed, however, is in it's couture: where else could you combine football apparel with a natty golf cap?

Hopefully Teddy is being paid lots of money for this (AP Photo)

To be fair, this sport looks a lot more fun than regular golf, but it's only likely to catch on at golf courses where the management are willing to have the turf on their tees destroyed by scuffed long-range kicks, and their greens ruined by huge football-sized holes.

Either this is a hole-in-one or its bouncing into the crowd (

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