Even Fernando Torres’ Facebook page has forsaken him

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With nearly nine million likes, Fernando Torres still enjoys a great deal of support on his Facebook page. But his continued inability to put the ball in the net has even led that bastion of support to promote the loss of faith in his abilities.

On Saturday, before Fernando Torres was subbed off at halftime of Chelsea's 1-1 FA Cup fifth-round match against Birmingham for Didier Drogba, poll results from an outside website revealing that a majority of fans preferred Drogba in the starting XI was posted to the Facebook page by "Fernando Torres." And that posting went on to receive the second most amount of likes in the page's recent history.

Though the story was likely auto-posted to the page simply because it contained his name, this is just another indignity Fernando Torres has been subjected to of late. Poor Fernando.

Thanks to @PoojaM93 for the tip!