Bosses of America, let your people go (watch hockey)

On Friday, the United States will take on Finland in the men's hockey semifinal. Considering not only the importance of the game but the improbability that the American team would be playing in it, this is a game you need to watch.

NBC agrees. The network, which has been criticized for many of its programming decisions throughout the Olympics, will air the game live across all time zones.

Of course, with the puck dropping at 3 p.m. ET, this game happens during many Americans' school or work day. You'll need an assist from your boss or teacher to watch the game.

Our own Dan Wetzel said on Twitter that any teacher or boss that doesn't allow you to watch the game is unpatriotic, and we couldn't agree more. The last time the U.S. won gold in hockey was in 1980, year of the Miracle on Ice. If they win this game, they will play in Sunday's gold-medal game. This game will also have a big effect on the overall medals race, which the U.S. could win.

Now, as the team goes for its "Millercle on Ice," you don't want to miss out on the game that could make history. Beg your boss; offer to work from home; tell your teacher you'll do extra credit.

If you are a teacher or boss-type, realize that this is a game all Americans need to see. You may as well tune in. If not, your students and staff aren't likely to pay much attention to you anyway.

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