Beijing has taken this comment card thing to a whole new level

One of the things that drives me nuts when I go to an airport are the people who stand at the top of the escalators and ask you to fill out a comment card.

How was your experience with us? Did you enjoy our service? How would I know I always find myself thinking, I haven't even picked up my bag yet.

It seems that the people in the new Beijing Capital International Airport are no different. They want to instantly know how your experience with them has been; only they've made the process a lot easier.

According to a blog post from Scott LaPierre of The Boston Globe, there are machines in the airport that allow passengers to quickly rate how their experience with the immigration officers went.

It looks from the picture like there are at least six different options on each machine.

1. Greatly satisfied--big smiley face

2. Satisfied--smaller smiley face

3. Checking time too long--unhappy face

4. Poor customer service--unhappy face

5. Make your own comments

6. Police (I can't tell if there is just a police id number or if there is a button to make them appear)

I think this machine is a great new addition for busy travelers. They should start putting these in airports all over the world.

If they started to appear in New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles though, I'm afraid that people might break the third and fourth buttons out of frustration.

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