Ryan Garbutt fined $1,474.36 for spearing Corey Perry

Ryan Garbutt fined $1,474.36 for spearing Corey Perry

In Game 5 of their division semifinal on Friday night, Ryan Garbutt of the Dallas Stars took a jab at Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks.

With his stick. Right in the Perrys.

Now, there was a notion that Perry embellished this a bit, as he returned the game within minutes. And he didn’t exactly earn sympathy after his own spearing incident in Game 4.

But Garbutt was hit with a 5-minute major and a game misconduct, which meant more supplemental discipline from the NHL that came down on Saturday.

The punishment? Garbutt was fined a whopping $1,474.36.

Welp, there goes that Google Glass he was going to purchase...

You may be wondering why this stick to the groin didn’t earn the same fine that Milan Lucic’s stick to the groin earned.

Garbutt was fined the maximum allowable under the CBA. From the CBA:

A fine may be in an amount up to fifty percent (50%) of the Player's Paragraph 1 NHL Salary and Bonuses, but not including Performance Bonuses, divided by the number of days in the Regular Season, but in no event shall it exceed $10,000 for the first fine and $15,000 for any subsequent fine imposed in any rolling twelve (12) month calendar period. Player Salary and Bonuses forfeited due to a fine will be calculated based on a Player's Averaged Amount.

The fact that Garbutt was previously suspended this season for a charge against Dustin Penner didn’t have any effect on his fine.

Let that be a lesson to you, Ryan Garbutt, and all ye who dare extend thy sticks into an opposing gentleman’s crotch: The NHL will not stand for it, and the financial penalties will be miniscule insignificant pathetic total in the thousands.