Top 5 goals from NHL development camps (Videos)

Photo via YouTube screen shot

Development camp breakaway goals are a joy and a treat. The young lads seem to always try new and exciting moves to impress the old management men sitting in the stands in hopes of making an impression.

Generally a lot of these goals look way cooler than NHL scores, probably because they come before #theplayers are bogged down with the monotony of the day-to-day NHL grind.

So oooh, aaah and swoon over the next generation of NHL highlight makers while getting in your July hockey fix.

5. Sergey Tolchinsky, Carolina Hurricanes

This guy wasn’t drafted? You have got to be kidding me. Granted he’s listed at 5-foot-8, 170 pounds, so that could play a role. But sick mitts, dude.

4. Haydn Fleury, Carolina Hurricanes

This move looks familiar ... he stoles it from us! Or stole it from Tolchinsky to some degree.

3. Jack Eichel, Buffalo Sabres

Not many players can score a goal in slow-mo. Eichel has this power. Just kidding, but nice speed, power and a bank shot off the goalie’s glove.

2. John Schiavo, New York Islanders

Just amazing hand-eye coordination on this play. Yow. That's East Patchogue's finest right there.

1. Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers

How many times did he deke on this? Yikes ... eat your heart out Charlie Conway. Also, loved this move on Leon Draisaitl. Overall was a good camp for McSavior.

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