Lubomir Visnovsky weighing KHL vs. New York Islanders (UPDATE)

Matt Moulson of the New York Islanders was impressed with his team's NHL draft acquisition of Anaheim Ducks defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky for a 2013 second-round pick.

"I had the chance to play with him a bit in L.A., and he's an extremely skilled defenseman. He's great on the power play, moves the puck well, skates well. He's a great guy. It's a good pickup for us. He's an offensive guy who will help us on the back end," he told

All of this is true, along with the fact that the Islanders desperately needed a veteran puck-mover on the blue line.

The question is whether the Islanders will get a chance to see it next season.

In an interview with Hokej Portal, Visnovsky told Paul Rajtar that he's mulling the chance to play in the KHL over the New York Islanders (Google translated):

In early May, you said that you expect in the NHL last season. Still this is true?

"Still, but I can say that I get a bid from Russia and I think about them. He and his wife have already talked about the fact that in New York can not not go and I'll take any offer from the KHL, and because I have such opportunities. We'll see where I end. KHL has signed a contract for some of the NHL and Europe is the only league where I could play in the NHL despite the contract. "

An interesting approach. Can you give a percentage, where you play next season?

"While I do not know it really well so I think in the head. NHL is certainly paramount, but we need to discuss this at home. But as I said, the KHL is a possibility. "

The Islanders would probably be disappointed, right?

"Of course. But now I have these things to pass, it's business and I'll deal with it according to what is best for me and for my coming. "

Visnovsky has one more year on his contract at a $5.6 million cap hit. Combine that with this KHL possibility, and Kevin Schultz of Islanders Point Blank asks: "Could this be why the price tag on Visnovsky was so affordable?"

s/t patrik pastyrcak

UPDATE: Arthur Staple of Newsday spoke with Visnovsky on Sunday, who said he's ready to report to Islanders camp and "This is my first choice, to play for the Islanders." He also said "Slovak website interview was from before the trade. Was asked if he'd stay in Slovakia or go to KHL if there was a lockout." While the second part is plausible, the first question in the interview is about the Islanders. So that's either a hell of a guess, the combined two interviews or Vis is mistaken.