Jonathan Toews' water bottle trick shot reproduced by 12-year-old (Video)

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Jonathan Toews showed his sharpshooting skill last week when he slammed a puck into a flying water bottle after popping said water bottle off the top of a net. 

Was Toews one-upped by 12-year-old Carter Pauli? You be the judge in the above video that shows Pauli doing the same trick shot in a driveway.

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It’s unclear how many takes it took since at the end we hear someone – presumably Pauli – yell “finally” before the video stops rolling.

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Pauli plays on a Peewee travel team for the Kensington Valley Hockey Association in Brighton, Michigan. 

Here is Toews’ trick shot which was an ad for Bauer’s NEXUS 1N stick:

We’ll take Pauli over Toews because Pauli’s not a three-time Stanley Cup champion and likely future Hall of Famer. But Toews deserves major props for popularizing this type of shot with last week’s video. Here’s to more water bottle popping goodness in the future. 

(S/t Mary Ellen Blyzka on Email)

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