Hockey Hugs: Swedish hugs are strange, awkward Spezza, Boyle burns for Burns

Hockey Hugs is a feature that celebrates the best in hugging from around the NHL, because who doesn't love a good hug now and then? Seen a particularly good hug photo lately? Send it to or tweet @HarrisonMooney.

As most of you know by now, Hockey Hugs is both the most touching Puck Daddy feature and the Puck Daddy feature that features the most touching.

If you can't wrap your head around that sentence, don't worry. Hockey Hugs isn't about what you wrap your head around; it's about what you wrap your arms around. Namely, the ones you love.

You see, Hockey Hugs doesn't just aim to appreciate hugs from afar, it aims to rouse desire -- the desire to appreciate hugs in a much closer proximity.

For instance, is it possible to look upon the unbridled, impassioned huggery taking place between Dmitrij Jaskin and Petr Mrazek, above, and not want in? Because that's just plain silly.

Heck, the other guy wants in. Look at him, just standing there with his arms outstretched, thinking he's about to get his turn. Sadly, judging from the body language, he isn't.

Speaking of hugging nobody, Troy Brouwer is the man. Sure, he's the only hockey player in this photo, but I'm sure the attractive blonde at the glass had nothing to do with his decision to celebrate a goal there. I'm calling this one a hug*.

Anyway. These are just today's honourable mentions. Coming up, five hockey hugs to put you in the mood for snuggles:

No. 5, St. Louis Blues

The first hug on our countdown comes to us from St. Louis, where David Perron is putting the reverse squeeze on Chris Stewart. They look like they're standing in the empty living room of the house they just bought.

"We are going to be so happy here. Let's go meet the neighbours."

No. 4, Philadelphia Flyers

Featuring Danny Briere and Braydon Coburn laughing their asses off in the corner. Maybe they're celebrating Briere's overtime winner. Or maybe they're mocking the Ottawa Senators in fake accents?

"Ha! You failed to win! We, on the other hand, did the opposite!"

"Ha ha ha! Indeed!"

No. 3, Ottawa Senators

Wherein Jason Spezza's hugs are as awkward as his laugh. Apparently, Spezza is the human version of that cat that always wants to be held up high. Like, everything's fine, and then all of a sudden the cat decides it wants to sit on your face for some reason.

"Hold still, fellas, I'm comin' up!

No. 2, San Jose Sharks

In this photo, Dan Boyles for Burns. Or maybe Brent Burns for Dan. I don't know. Those are awful puns. Anyway, I imagine the things they're saying to one another to be totally say. and Brent Burns say totally normal stuff to each other.

"You're swell."

"I like you too, Boyle."

"Hey. Call me Smithers. Because I love you, Mr. Burns."

No. 1, Team Sweden

No stranger to being the big winner, the top spot in this installment goes to reigning World Junior champions Team Sweden, for this strange scene between Mika Zibanejad and Petter Granberg. Apparently, a hug in Sweden is when one guy drops onto a second guy from above without warning and attempts to drive his face into the ground. Speaking of faces, I love the pure terror on Granberg's.

"Not the faaaaaaaaace!"

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