Boston Bruins go as Elsa, Anna and ‘Frozen’ folks for Halloween hospital visit (Photos)


Seeing this image reminds us of a song from a Disney musical/excuse to sell a ridiculous amount of merchandise:

“Do you wanna meet the Bru-ins?/

All dressed up for Halloween/

They’re ‘Frozen’ characters/

And Dougie Hamilton/

Is dressed as the Snow Queen/

Do you wanna meet the Bru-ins…”

The Boston Bruins made their annual visit to Boston Children’s Hospital for Halloween on Monday, and like every girl under the age of 10 they went as characters from “Frozen.”

Bruins players Matt Bartkowski, Matt Fraser, Seth Griffith, Dougie Hamilton, Torey Krug and Kevan Miller went “reverse trick-or-treating” around the hospital and handed out Bruins swag to the young patients.

That's Fraser as Anna and Hamilton, suffering the curse of the fair-haired, as Elsa. Then Miller, then Bartwoski as Sven, Torey Kurg as Olaf and then Griffith.

The boy in the photo is Joey, a young man who is recovering from brain surgery after being struck with a puck.

This tradition has given the world some amazing “things you can’t un-see” in the past,” such as Zdeno Chara as a giant pink rabbit.

Read more about Boston Children's Hospital here.