Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson completes a pass, makes a catch

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We're getting to the point where it's fair to ask if Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is the best athlete in the NFL.

At very least, he's probably the most versatile player in the league. And now he can claim something even the great Deion Sanders (and almost every cornerback alive) can't: He completed a NFL pass.

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In the third quarter, Peterson was given the ball and started left, then doubled back to roll out right. Nobody could have figured that the lightning fast cornerback would throw it downfield but that's what he did, and completed a 17-yard pass to Kerry Taylor (for the record, Sanders tried two passes in his Hall of Fame career, but both were incomplete).

That came a series after Carson Palmer threw a gruesome pick-six to Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy. Maybe Bruce Arians was just considering all of his options at quarterback. Peterson was probably better at quarterback than anything Arizona trotted out last season.

Peterson also had a 17-yard reception earlier in the third quarter. Peterson is also one of the league's best cornerbacks and most dangerous punt returners, so just chalk up his passing and receiving to a few more ways the Cardinals can use their best athlete, as he helped them beat the Lions 25-21 on Sunday. He's one of the most entertaining players in the league, even if he plays most of his games in relative anonymity in Arizona.

At his normal job, Peterson had it a bit rougher on Sunday. Lions receiver Calvin Johnson scored two first-half touchdowns, including a 72-yarder after he broke free on a quick slant. Maybe the Cardinals just wanted him to make up for that by scoring some points on offense.

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