VOD: Les Miles downs a grass smoothie in new ESPN commercial

Les Miles drinks his grass smoothie during new ESPN commercial

Earlier this month we showed you some pictures of Les Miles mixing grass in a smoothie for an upcoming ESPN commercial.

Well, that commercial is now out, and while Miles isn’t the main focus of the spot, he’s definitely the star.

The commercial is for the new College Football Playoff and features teams such as Ohio State, USC, LSU and… Tulane (yes, Tulane) as the programs that are “in” for the new brand of college football.

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It’s a fun commercial that features the USC band practicing in a swimming pool, a guy painting the Iowa visitors’ locker room pink, Jerry Jones (sans his lady friends) declaring Arkansas the new national champions and, of course, Miles drinking a grass smoothie.

It’s also a good reminder that college football is just a couple short weeks away.

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