Les Miles makes a grass smoothie in upcoming commercial (Photos)

Les Miles makes a grass smoothie in upcoming commercial (Photos)

LSU head coach Les Miles’ personality is known to be a bit eccentric, but in a fun way.

In 2010 the head coach got a lot of attention for hilariously eating a bit of Tiger Stadium grass during the team’s home win over Alabama. After the game, Miles told reporters that eating the grass “humbles (him) as a man” and lets him know that he’s “a part of the field and part of the game.”

Almost four years later, the grass-eating Miles is still running things at LSU and he will play a part in an upcoming ESPN commercial. Per a photo posted on LSU Football’s Facebook page from a few weeks ago, it appears that Miles will be concocting some sort of grass smoothie in the commercial for the new College Football Playoff.

(via LSU Football Facebook)
(via LSU Football Facebook)

Here’s another look from the LSU Twitter account.

With the season approaching, hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of the new commercial soon. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a commercial in my entire life.

(Great find by College Spun)

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