Video: Kansas duo tackles penalty kicks, cameraman in new web series

This video is a few days old, but since we missed it the first time around, I couldn't help but make sure Dr. Saturday did it justice.

Meet Daymond Patterson and A.J. Steward, two Kansas football players who were bored this offseason and decided to start their own YouTube series called "D.P. and A.J. take on KU."

I presume this will be a series. The duo only has one video so far, but it's a good one, especially at the end (which is where we've conveniently started this YouTube):

During the first episode, Patterson and Steward take on Kansas soccer goalie Kat Liebetrau and defender Brittany King in a shootout. The entire video is more than 6 minutes long and ** SPOILER ALERT ** football triumphs over futbol, which is OK because it results in the funniest moment of the entire show.

I will say there are some good one-liners in here and the personalities of both players keep viewers entertained for the duration.

Well, most viewers.

Apparently, Mark May, ESPN's College Football Live analyst and hater of all things fun, didn't think the video was all that impressive. In fact, he mocked the players for taking on the women's soccer team even though the Big 12 doesn't have men's soccer. May encouraged the duo to take on the basketball team for a real challenge, something Patterson and Steward plan to do next.

Patterson and Steward didn't take too kindly to May's comments and responded with a fake press conference challenging May to a debate about any sport and even offered to change the name of the show to "D.P. and A.J. take on Mark May."

Let's hope Mark May hasn't ruined the one good thing KU football has going for it right now. I'd love to see Patterson and Steward continue to make entertaining videos that we can continue to post because it is, after all, a long offseason.

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