South Carolina K Ellott Fry broke a windshield with a kick (Photo)

South Carolina K Ellott Fry broke a windshield with a kick (Photo)

Field goal attemps can be dangerous to car windshields.

Look at the damage to this car near South Carolina's practice fields from a kick South Carolina K Elliott Fry took during practice this week.

We do not underestimatethe power of a kick from a college or professional kicker – if you've ever been near the field for a high-level practice you can hear the significant "pop" when a kicker makes contact with a football. But this is impressive. The ball must have hit with the point on the windshield to make it shatter like that.

However, the best part of the picture may not be the windshield. If you look closely, you can see two heads peeking over the fence to see what had happened.

Fry also said on Twitter that he didn't know who the owner of the car is. The rules on that have to be similar to a parking lot fender-bender, right? Are you supposed to leave a note in this case? Either way, the guess is that the car's owner won't be parking in the range of South Carolina's kickers any longer.

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