Johnny Manziel posts a photo on Instagram and the college football world objects – again

Johnny Manziel is quickly becoming college football’s most eccentric quarterback – and he just finished his freshman season.

Manziel has become quite the Instagram maven and the pictures he’s posted have drawn criticism and questions about where he gets his money and whether he’s violating NCAA rules.

And he posted another one this weekend.

This time, the photo (above) showed him and two friends flashing fans of cash with the caption “casino ballin.”

The picture was deleted shortly after it appeared.

Now, before I go on, Manziel was in an Indian casino in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, patrons need to be 18 years old to play. Manziel is 20. There’s nothing wrong with him being that particular casino. Even the WinStar Casino put a shoutout to Manziel on its Twitter feed.

But the world of social media once again wanted to question the way Manziel has fun and he felt the need to defend himself.

If Manziel wasn’t the Heisman Trophy winner no one would care. But Manziel needs to realize that he is the face of college football right now and he can’t post tweets like a 17-year-old recruit or an overpaid professional athlete.He's already gotten a lot of criticism about his courtside seats at the Mavericks-Heat NBA game and this is just another thing for people to complain about.

He should have fun. He’s a college kid. But in the end, there’s a time and a place to share your business and sometimes flashing dalla-dolla bills after a great run at the casino isn’t that time or that place.

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